The Company

LAUGFS is a well established conglomerate with a visionary focus. The company has through its pioneering efforts successfully captured both local and international markets, enriching the lives of their customers with a diverse range of products and services. The industrial sector of energy is the company's core business area. However, fueled by a passion to bring solution to customer needs, over the years LAUGFS has successfully diversified and established its presence in numerous industrial fields which includes engineering, leisure, property development and consumer retail.

Our Industry

Sri Lanka abundant in many natural resources. One of the key economic export crops in the island is rubber, a product so high in quality that it has helped Sri Lanka rank amongest the top five natural rubber exporting nations in the world. This international quality product has created such a high demand, worldwide, that Sri Lanka currently contribute to approximately 60% of the global natural rubber requirement. Further capitalizing on this factor the country has extended its production capabilities to manufacture industrial solid tyres, which have received world recognition. The products are of such high standard that Sri Lanka has made claim to being the world's largest solid tyre manufacturing nation, owning a share of 36% of the world market.

LAUGFS Rubber Ltd

Identifying the business potential in this lucrative industry, LAUGFS diversified into the rubber industry through LAUGFS Corporation (Rubber) Ltd, with a specialized focus on industrial tyres. The company boasts one of the largest manufacturing plants in the nation, with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, which utilize the finest quality rubber and the globally recognized TQM processes to produce solid tyres of international standard. Whilst manufacturing press on and resillient tyres, LAUGFS, always a customer centric company caters to specific client needs by routinely designing tyres according to customer requirement.

Vision Mission and Values

LAUGFS Rubber operations are driven by its strong Vision, which guides our business decisions. Our Value system serves as the foundation that guides how we operate and conduct ourselves as a corporate.

Our Vision

To be a leading market player and the brand of choice in Solid Tyre segment for industrial and construction applications

Our Values

  • Customer Centricity
  • Integrity
  • Innovativeness
  • Teamwork
  • Responsible Corporate Citizen

Employees have internalised Vision, Mission, Values and other policies.

Our Vision and Value statements are constantly communicated to employees by the senior management at townhall meetings, business and one-on-one meetings as well as through other communications and engagements. They are also prominently displayed at factory and office premises, employee ID cards etc. which are used to constantly remind our colleague of our corporate vision and values, and to reinforce the importance we place on them. They are also communicated to all new employees during the induction and orientation process to ensure that they are clearly understood and embraced throughout their career with LAUGFS.

Energy Policy

As an industrial solid tire and rubber related product manufacturing company, endeavor of Laugfs Corporation (Rubber) Limited is to reduce the consumption of specific energy and costs associated in order to promote sustainability in terms of environmental and economic aspects. We continue our operations with energy reduction strategies over the time. We are committed to adopt best practices, latest engineering knowhow while encouraging the employee commitment.

We keep our motivation towards continuous improvements in energy performance for all manufacturing processes and its related services. In order to achieve this, we shall purchase of energy efficient machinery, equipment and services, design for energy performance improvement, set and review energy objectives and make targets and capture all information related to energy consumption and provide necessary resources to meet the set objectives and targets.

Our operations shall comply with all applicable legal and other regulatory requirements regularly that relate to our energy use and efficiency and its monitoring. We are committed to make future expansions of the company by taking energy efficient aspects into account.

This energy policy will be reviewed annually and will be updated upon changes in the consumption pattern of energy in the manufacturing process that are affected due to capacity changes.

We will communicate the policy to personnel at all levels internally and externally and ensure that its contents are understood and that all are committed towards achieving its set goals.

  Quality Policy

  EMS Policy

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